Thursday, 6 January 2011

thank you Christine

Former councillor Borgars that is, for posting honestly, mostly factually, and not anonymously, see comments on previous post. It is actually helpful to debate and to understanding, unlike most comments on most blogs everywhere. The link below

is a little bizarre and may amount to personation, which in some places is a criminal offence. What is the Chronicle playing at? Have they unilaterally decided that MPs are like US presidents, in that they retain the title for life? If so then I eagerly await my offer of lucrative employ as Jane Griffiths MP, a title I have not held for well over five years. What else? Margaret Thatcher MP? John Major MP?

Or maybe the Chronicle are just being stupid arseholes. You decide.


Anonymous said...

I vote for Chronicle = stupid arseholes. Can we have a proper vote on this to se what your wonderful readership think of this.

Incidentally I like it that you're (NB Reading Labour) now providing a muslim dating service via your blog.

Jane Griffiths said...

yes, the advertising that comes up locally can be hilarious - I don't know if Reading readers get the Burqa Babes stuff, it would be fun if they did.

Anonymous said...

Ooh - jolly super! Are we now about to retain our titles for life?! And the salaries and expenses along with the two initials?

Bring it on!

PS: I can be contacted in Harvey Nicks!

Jane Griffiths said...

you get the Bolly in!