Tuesday, 12 May 2009

well well

Rik Willis informs us about the new Reading LibDem leadership - they have let GIRLS do it this time, but perhaps more important than gender is whether they will work in coalition - I suspect they will, and in my view the sooner the better. I think they just text Rik from the meeting, as he always has it first.

Have been a little distracted lately as helping to look after a colleague and friend who has cancer, and this is kind of a new experience for me. Today I collected his prescriptions for him, which included a walking stick. Imagine. The rest of it was high-calorie food drinks to help him put on weight. You can be too thin.

Another, and much more trivial, distraction has been my attempts to book tickets on the Serbian Railways night train from Belgrade to Skopje (as you do) on Sunday night, and back again on Wednesday next. Cannot be done. Not electronically. After much struggle I discover this. My command of Serbian is limited but useful such as it is, as the Serbian language parts of the website (most of it) give far more information than the English does. Ho hum. We shall have to turn up in Belgrade on Sunday (germanwings from Stuttgart, excellent low cost airline, knocks the vile Ryanair into a cocked hat) not knowing how we are going to spend that night. Worse things happen at sea.

update: a very nice lady at Serbian Railways has just sent me the following email:

Dear Jane,
You can not reservation your tickets on our website or by telephone. You can reservation tickets 24 hours before travel to e-mail
predrez@srbrail.rs Greeting!

Serbia has had a bad press. My brief visit to Belgrade in February showed me that.

Go Serbia!

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