Friday, 22 May 2009

not long now

till Labour select in Reading West I mean. Have been in Macedonia, Kosovo and briefly in Serbia, some connection difficulties meant limited posting. But I see from my poll that Nasty Naz is still in the lead, but that there has been something of a surge (ooh er missus) for Denise Headley, who would of course be excellent from what I know of her. But she's not a white bloke.

More seriously, I have a friend who is in a coma and I am going to speak to him this afternoon, not of course knowing whether he will be able to hear me, or if any of this helps. If anyone reading this has experience of this situation and could advise that would be great.

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Henry North London said...

Why would a Camden solicitor like Raj want a constituency post in Reading?

I will declare an interest because I have met Mr Chada