Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Reading West selection

Let's have a look at the candidates (see my little poll on the right)

Raj Chada - Asian. He's out.

Kelly Edwards. The girly stooge a la Anneliese. Might just be in with a shout as the one they can tell what to do.

Paul Gittings. Decent bloke (not what they want), and of course white and male (which they do want) and well known in the party. However Reading West has very few members - most of the Reading party members are in Reading East and have no vote - so there could be a rogue result.

Denise Headley. Girl. Not wanted. Not white either. Can't have that. But with the party members expressing their own views rather than being guided by councillors and Salter, maybe, just maybe.

Lisa Homan. Girl. Definitely not.

Ann Moore-Williams. Girl. Definitely not.

Naz Sarkar. Wrong sort of Asian. Is personally odious. This is usually an advantage in Reading West. The party members might just go for him, see Gittings.

Richard Williams. White and male. From Southampton, whose Labour Group and one of whose MPs (the unpleasant one) is hero-worshipped by Salter (who also has a vote in the process) - but will the few members in Reading West listen to Salter as much as he tells everyone they do?

What do readers think? My poll closes on eve of poll in Reading West. If postal voting is allowed in this selection and you are a Reading West member who is voting that way my advice to you is get someone you trust to take your ballot in person - the postal workers' union can get up to some very funny stuff.

Oh and ignore both the Gavins. They are not worth it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that Salter was used as a model MP by BBC's Ten O'Clock News last night as apparently NOT claiming a second homes allowance - no mention of the 'alledged' 40k for the fictitous London address though.

Anonymous said...

Have you met Kelly Edwards? She makes Anneliese look charismatic or even (shudder) attractive. She stood in Hertsmere in 2005 and what happened to Labour there? They've fallen apart and even Claire Ward's old man has quit the party.

So clearly ideal to follow in Salter's footsteps then.

howard thomas said...

Interesting race to lose the seat !
If Labour really want to lose MacKenzie would have been ideal-----only a prat like him could manage to get 5th----and lose the deposit as well!

Martin S, Reading said...

I really cannot undertand how you deduce that personal odiousness is advantageous in Reading, East or West.

As for Naz, I have no doubt that he'll be exceptionable...I mean exceptional if he is selected.

Anonymous said...

The way the polls are looking Labour will have to fight to keep their deposit in Reading West - never mind hold the seat,Con Gain Reading W.