Thursday, 14 May 2009

the house mates are gathering in Reading West

you have to read this post out loud in a Geordie accent for it to work, OK Mr Howarth|?

Nasty Naz is ahead of course, but who are his friends in the house?

Dangerous Denise is coming up on the side, she is a hard worker, in fact she is hard full stop, do not mess with her - but she is having a laugh with the girls we hear

Paul "PG Tips" Gittings is trying to get what is happening, but he doesn't. The other house mates are trying to persuade him to dress up in a cat suit, but it isn't working.

Dick Willy from Southampton has told the other house mates "I'm from Southampton".

Nasty Naz to the diary room...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this lot haven't seen the latest polling - Labour at its' lowest EVER on 22%,so it's all rather irrelevant really - Con Gain Reading West!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't someone in the Labour inner sanctum decide that it was too dangerous to propose an ex-RBC candidate for Reading West PPC because they would surely lose cause of the aborted IDR and the King's Meadow etc and the public angst over the £150m burden on the ratepayers proposed for the debts for a new Civic den of Incompetence...?

Anonymous said...

Dick Willy? - with a name like that perhaps The Monster Raving Loony Party would be interested - honestly you really couldn't make it up!!