Monday, 4 May 2009

pincer movement

is what did for the only likely winner for Labour in Reading West, Mark Bennett. the VitalRead blog agrees with me, here:

In Reading West, where retiring MP Martin Salter hands over a Labour majority of more than 4,600, Mark Bennett, who used to be Alastair Campbell’s deputy at 10 Downing Street and who was said to have been the author of a critical memo about Gordon Brown, suddenly joined the contest “from nowhere” according to local sources.

although those "local sources" are likely to be talking arse, as they often do. Anyway, Mark Bennett did not make the shortlist, although a couple of GIRLS did! We can't have THAT of course.

Armed with glossily printed letters to party members, Mr Bennett won significant support before falling to a pincer movement and failing to make the final shortlist

so who was against him then?

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the demise of my blog and its reinstatement here. Investigations continue as to how this has happened, and the strong hint in Salter's last Westminster Diary column, which railed against political bloggers and referred obliquely to legal action, did not escape me. Looks like I might have to go autonomous rather than being a rent-free tenant on as I have been up to now. Being autonomous pays better anyway.


Tyler said...

Well I suppose that they will all have to be measured up against the towering standards of the incumbant.

So basically it will come down to who is:

The biggest lying cheating twofaced scumbag they can find.

howard thomas said...

So ,your blog was nobbled-----who dunnit? Hmmmm--any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

It's all rather irrelevant who Labour put up to fight Reading West,they have more chance of being struck by lightening or winning the lottery than holding the seat,thats why Salter has bottled it - even he knows the games up!

dreamingspire said...

Good to have you back on song.