Wednesday, 6 May 2009

His Master's Voice

put up a piece dated yesterday titled "Salter's seat" - how crap is that? No Parliamentary, or any other electoral, seat "belongs" to anyone at all. Note the coded language - one of the candidates is called Denise Headley and she is described as "shadowing" - some stuff about her here - so that's her doubly disqualified then. I would love to be wrong about this.


dreamingspire said...

It IS Salter's seat, although in the past that terminology has in my experience been used more in the context of an opponent at an election wanting to "unseat the sitting MP" by defeating him/her.

Anonymous said...

After years of being Salters propaganda mouthpiece the Evening Post will have to get used to Reading West being 'under new management'next year.

howard thomas said...

One thing for sure ----we will have a new 'representative ' next time round