Tuesday, 12 May 2009

local newspaper week

yes really there is such a thing. His Master's Voice thinks it is just great. They publish the following quote, apparently without irony:

He said: “Local newspapers hold local authorities to account. Whether you’re reporting the local court or council, local papers bring the way the community works into everybody’s home. If we don’t have local newspapers who is going to do that? If people don’t know what is going on in their community, how are they going to hold to account the people that run their lives? In the end, that is the point of local newspapers. They are essential.”

who do you think said that?*

and here is an example of that "holding to account" HMV is famed for:


an uncritical story about Mr Salter and Cllr Ruhemann having "protected" the Kennet Meadows - when a few years ago they were campaigning to build houses on it. I remember Dictatorship Dave Sutton appearing at Reading Labour Party to inform us moronic members of the public that we must all support housing on the meadows, and Mr Salter doing his bidding - but that was then and the Post has forgotten.

* It was John Humphrys. Hah!

As a postscript, RIP muckspreading, presumably Cllr Swaine is now otherwise engaged, in the savage struggle for the hearts and minds of the LibDem group on Reading Borough Council as they wait for the puff of smoke which announces a new leader.


Oranjepan said...

REP recently went bi-weekly, so is this to prepare for the announcement that it will go to once-a-week?

Anonymous said...

Martin Salter was featured on Newsnight last night as one of the most upstanding MPS - honest and not stealing from the public in relation to the expenses scandal.

Anonymous said...

The Reading Evening Post have done a good job spreading Salter's propaganda and lies over the years,and so too,perhaps to a lesser extent have the Reading Chronicle - so it's no surprise that these conduits of mis-information should be praised by Salter.

They have also been pathetically weak on Reading Borough Council over the 'Shreddergate' and the Child Protection Failures too,any half decent local rag would have had a field day with such stories,how will they react to both Reading seats being Conservative after the next General Election and possibly a Conservative controlled council too?

Was said...

I can report that after a fraught campaign and 4 recounts I can reveal that my attempt to win the post of Lib Dem Group Cake Co-ordinator failed.

I'd like to thank my campaign team for their unstinting work in ensuring that Battenburg's will be first on the shopping list.

I shall now console myself with the more lowly position of Press Officer.

howard thomas said...

So----MS is innocent OK !!!