Friday, 1 May 2009

they'll never take me alive!

I'm still here! as someone once said! while attempting to fix the suppression of my janestheone blog I am here for the time being. All this is quite difficult to do from a holiday hotel in Madeira where there is no wifi (apparently the demographic which usually stays there does not request it, hah that will change you mark my words) trying to do it on my BlackBerry or by plugging my ancient comedy laptop into a dodgy-looking socket in an even dodgier cafe. Anyway, no excuses. If I am being sued then this is Hugely Glamorous. However I suspect I am not being. chiz.


Nowtas said...

Oooh the excitement! We were discussing what could have been responsible for your latest reason to shine in the pub the other day. This is all thrilling!

I love how, with their every attempt to suppress your views, you become of more interest tothe media, and myself and the other eager little fan-boys (or whatever else people who read them are supposed to be known as by "outraged of Berkshire" this week).

I have voted in your current poll. Flipped a coin, as I thought both were equally weighted.

Abbey Nationalist said...

Yes, I voted, but it was a tough choice - I hope the new site doesn't mean that the Polling Questions are going to become more difficult!

David Akroyd said...

So who exactly is trying to suppress the blog & how?

In his most recent Reading Chronicle column Mr Salter railed against political bloggers, quite a coincidence if it is one.

Keep up the good work!

howard thomas said...

I wondered if Martin|S. might have hacked into your blog and destroyed it ,but according to the answer on the Independant Jones blog he is not guilty!

howard thomas said...

What happened to the old blog Jane?
Did Martin S, work out a way to nobble it so all the things you say about him disappeared?

Anonymous said...

When I attempted to get your blog, I was informed that your blog was 'unsafe' and might dmaage my computer.