Friday, 22 May 2009


no prizes for guessing who changed the Government's mind on their settlement in the UK. You and I know it was Joanna Lumley, but Mr Salter remains either deluded or duplicitous.

Anyway, when there was a vote on the issue in Parliament he didn't bother, saying he "didn't want to vote against the Government". There's a doughty campaigner.


Martin S, The Observer's Page Three Angel said...

I have been working with Jo for months on this. I just don't like to blow my own trumpet.

dreamingspire said...

This time you are too cruel. I had been puzzled when Brown suddenly said that a way had been found to satisfy the Gurkhas without undue financial hit for the country, and now we know: once again, someone in govt got it wrong and Martin's web site fills in the gap.
Brown has, I fear, inherited not just one poison chalice but a whole cupboard full of them. Historians may later tell us more about how he never had a chance on his own, so why on earth did he not find someone to work the country with him as a double act?