Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Crossrail again

Mayor Livingstone was very keen on the Crossrail project, and so is Mayor Johnson. Reading Borough Council was quite keen to begin with and then stopped lobbying for it. So its western end will be at Maidenhead not Reading. This was the policy of then lead councillor for transport John Howarth (59), proprietor, Public Impact Ltd (remember "Your better off with Labour"?) - ask him why. When Parliament voted on Crossrail in 2005 Martin Salter - you're ahead of me - abstained. Still at least shamed chief executive of Reading Borough Council Trish Haines had to go. The Conservative Party policy on Crossrail seems a bit vague at present however, fences should not be sat on here. His Master's Voice reports Cllr Tony Page (103), current lead councillor for transport in Reading, as saying this about Crossrail: if Crossrail ever emerges from London it will come to Reading. Er no it won't Tony. There are no plans, and no money, to bring it to Reading. Why not?

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

The Thameslink route (aka First Connect), which is a north-south version of Crossrail keeps changing its southern routes.

The same is likely to happen with Crossrail if and when the Great Western line is eventually electrified (the DfT keeps chaning its mind over this).