Friday, 18 June 2010

whatever happened to all of the heroes

Pilar Rahola is one, hat-tip Nick Cohen, and thanks to her for publishing her site in English as well as Spanish and Catalan.  She uses the standard bullet-point series of questions "Why" used by the rational and internationalist left, which I never do, but might start doing now.  Anyway, read her for yourself.


dreamingspire said...

Do I sense that you are thinking of casting your net wider now that the Reading Labour mob has been deflated and Mr Facing Both Ways has gone? And that you will be telling us about more positive people than those uglies?

Maybe you can give us a few thoughts on who should be the next Labour Party leader...

jane said...

I'm supporting Diane Abbott. Without hesitation or reservation.

Anonymous said...

hesitation, deviation or repetition....

Anonymous said...

Can't do it.
Many estimable qualities but unfortunately strings still pulled by the parasites Anny Marjoram, Ann Pettifor and Pam Tatlow.

Marjoram particualrly loathsome, and despite all her talk of equality - as nasty as any mummy or daddy's little princess at St Mary's Ascot to other females.

Check out Diane's campaign team - I bet Marjoram features highly there.

Can't stand Dulux Johnson - but the only good thing he has done since beig elected Mayor was to sack Marjoram forthwith.

I am supporting the return of Ken - but his major flaw, in my opinion - was the appointment of Marjoram - a fault also committed by Audrey Wise.

Anonymous said...

Livingstone is a bully and racist who is unelectable.

He has twice come close to destroying public transport in London before he was ousted both times.

The shame is that some decent alternatives have signed public letters giving him their support, probably so that they can stand in 2 elections' time.

Anonymous said...

'Unelectable' - elected twice before in the role, actually.

If this is the muck being put out by Oona King's campaign team then she deserves to do even worse than she undoubtedly will.

I expect we'll be hearing that Ken 'supposedly' offered someone £10,000 for sex - the trick Oona pulled to grab the headlines prior to 2005.

Didn't work then - indeed it probably added to Galloways' vote pile.

And it won't work now.

Sometimes, it behoves people to recognise that politics is something that is done better by other people - and to find another job.