Monday, 21 June 2010

I really shouldn't have

but I have.  Got an iPad that is.  And it is a beautiful thing.  And I don't have to use the horrible ancient PC any more to get my emails and go on line at home.  It is 3G but at the moment I still have to use our home wireless network, which tends to disappear the further you go from the hub (our flat is long and narrow).  So I need a micro-sim card.  I have ordered one, but this being France I have to wait for it and then sign a paper contract which for 10 euros a month gets me teh internetz on my beautiful new toy anywhere in France.  Allegedly.  Things you never thought you needed.  This is how these things should be.  I am told I am an early uptaker of technology.  I might even go back to reading newspapers though now I can do so on that beautiful thing.  But Apple are BASTARDS.  They make you buy their stuff.  And keep on buying it.  They are much better capitalists than Microsoft are.  I don't know why people think Apple are cooler and more alternative.  If they had been the ones to sell the internet to people at the beginning there would be no creativity at all out there, just loads of people using Apple products.  There's a downside to everything I suppose.  

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