Wednesday, 23 June 2010

what a lovely sight

can you tell who it is yet?  that's right, Raymond Domenech, probably-soon-to-be-erstwhile manager of the French football team, humiliated yesterday and on their way home today to a contemptuous nation.  This picture was taken in April 1977, when he was captain of Olympique Lyonnais.  He had just announced that as the school holidays had just started he and the team would behave like true Frenchmen and would go on strike, spending the time on holiday with their families instead of playing football.  Cue shock horror and media circus.  Domenech turned out for the press conference in the green kimono pictured, saying this was his preferred leisurewear.  The media were a bit more gullible in those days, in the end he had to point out to them what the date was.  1st April.  In France they call this "poisson d'avril" (April fish) and it is the custom to stick a paper fish on people's backs on that day.  F*** knows why.

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