Monday, 21 June 2010

Angela Davis

was arrested when I was at school and was for a while a celebrity of a kind.  Largely I think my friends and I admired her because she had cool hair.  She was acquitted later, which people have forgotten these days.  Now there is a song about her (and about POTUS Barry O) by the former tennis player and now singer Yannick Noah, called "Angela" (he stresses the second syllable of her name, which sounds odd, but there you are, he is French and so is the song) which has been giving me earworm for days.  What do readers think about her these days?


Anonymous said...

Haven't thought about her for years - although she did pop up during the American Presidential campaign, supporting Barack Obama.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono wrote a song about her on their first joint album - the one that has the track Bloody Sunday on it.

Can't remember what it is called .
Talking of cool hair - Julie Driscoll also had really cool hair at the time of the Wheels on Fire track. She wore that pan stick lipstick and had an excellent maxi coat that she wore in a Wednesday Play in black and white on the tv at around the same time. She was also wearing Levi 501s.

Anonymous said...

Yes as a teenager I found she made Hegel sound sexy.[For those who don't knowshe taught philosphy at Berkley.]I rememberthat about 1993 she was in the news for dishing the dirt on the Panthers:in particular their crude sexist attitude/treatment of black women...[most of these guys had gone to prison fairly early in their careers:apparently this limited their social skills when it came to asking for a date...]