Friday, 18 June 2010

they still don't get it

speed cameras no longer to be used as a cash cow

but speeding fines are a voluntary donation.  No-one has to pay them.  People choose to drive above the speed limit.  Then they have to pay.  Duh.


Anonymous said...

They never will understand, especially people like Daily Mail reporters who seem to think that drivers have a right to drive as fast as they like.

Anonymous said...

And yet :

"The number of accidents on roads next to Swindon's shrouded speed cameras is the same now as when they were active, according to council figures.

The five fixed cameras were covered in July last year after the Conservative-run borough council withdrew funding.

The council said it wanted to divert the money spent on cameras to alternative road safety measures."

Still, the Stasi left do love a bit of surveillance (cf Eastern Europe).