Tuesday, 22 June 2010

sloppy John

the blog by Cllr John "Salter's boy" Ennis is usually too tedious to read, and I certainly do not link to it.  Cllr Ennis has been exceptionally permitted to write a blog, a privilege denied to most of the Labour Group in Reading, because he is a trusty.  An ex-Trot but a trusty.  But look at this:

“We also have £1.3 billion that goes to local authorities in area based grant (ABG). This is a form of funding where the department makes specifics careful Mikey allocations to local authorities, but where local authorities have flexibility about how they spend it, for example where spending is discretionary, or where they can deliver statutory services more efficiently and cheaply they have freedom to deploy resources according to local decisions.”

“As part of the announced £1.165 billion cut in local government spending, the Department will this year reduce it’s careful careful Mikey, we are not a greengrocer area based grant to local authorities by £311 million.”

Michael Gove, Letter to Ed Balls, 7th June 2010

• Cuts totalling £311 million are equivalent to a 24 per cent cut across-the-board in every project and programme funded by these Area Based Grants. Thus far the government has not set out which of these grants will be cut, and in what proportion. If they do so, this campaign pack what's this Sloppy John? being fed a diet of Balls and forgetting to disguise the fact on your blog? will be updated to reflect this. and it goes on: 
You may wish to use this table when highlighting in your local media the impact of the cuts in your area. Oh really?  but did you want to publish this advice on your blog?  Sloppy sloppy John. Some of the individual projects and programmes funded by these Area Based Grants are currently delivering;  blah blah blah.

Very poor.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think John Ennis was at ease with numbers. I knew something wasn't quite right with his posting!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Thanks for bringing this unintended amusement to my attention.

Anonymous said...

MInd you if you think his blog is utter bull, then go over to the new elected one, link from his. me think one uses a lot of copy and paste sent from the Kremlin. Couple of comments indicates out of depth, poor thing...once baby comes along, will be interested if continues. Probably will as not the author hahaha..they really take people for "morons", heard that one before somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Some problem with women blogging occasionally? Or just a lack of belief that women can have views on anything at all?

Anonymous said...

anon 18.47 . Not the gender, more the content. Does not look or sound natural this one. I mean with her hormones all over the place, you'd think fireworks would be all over the place. Too dogmatic. Reads like an endoctrination textbook.Zzzzz..wake me up when it's over.