Tuesday, 15 June 2010

maiden speech

by Alok Sharma, MP for Reading West, included the following remark about his predecessor Martin Salter:

He always had and continues to have firm opinions on every political subject. Indeed, during his time as an MP, he sometimes held two opposing firm opinions on the same subject, both delivered with great conviction.

How very true.


St Martin S, Reading said...

I pride myself on my ability to think laterally, rather than just literally. Sometimes, your obliged to take a longer view of things.

Anonymous said...

'Only two things at once?' - to paraphrase another Jane ( Austen in Emma).

Anonymous said...

Worth the trip to the voting booth for that remark alone.

Anonymous said...

Too many politicians feel they should express strong opinions on subjects they know nothing about, the actual opinions depending on the audience they are trying to impress or depending whether they are in power or in opposition.

They are afraid to say "I do not know".

They are little different from lawyers whose arguments depend on their clients or journalists who tailor their views according to the organ they are writing for.