Thursday, 24 June 2010

she was born in Wales

Julia Gillard that is, the new prime minister of Australia, those who purport to know about Australian politics would do well to take notice, the Labor Party (note spelling, those who should know better) is not quite as blokey as those outside Australia would like to think it is.  Interesting times there.  There is a clip of Julia on youtube singing a Dolly Parton song, but I thought it would be unfair to put that up on her first day.


Anonymous said...

I think that she is appalling.
I don't like that type of treachery - best epitomised when Margaret Thacther was ousted by her own side. Also, ironically, when Thatcher led her own coup against Ted Heath.

We have seen similar in all the forced de-selection attempts that go on here, both Labour and Tory.

She deserves to lead her party to a hum-dinger of a defeat and I am sure that she will. Wales can keep her.

jane said...

I don't like it either, after all it happened to me, and it usually results in election defeat when Labour do it, the opposite when Tories do - but might it not have been the thing to do to Gordon this year?

Anonymous said...

I think Gordon's big mistake was, in effect 'de-selecting' Tony Blair in 2007 - the man who had won three General Elections. Just as in individual MP cases, the public didn't like it and in my view, Gordon was doomed from the moment he stepped - unelected - into 10 Downing Street.

Had Tony truly gone at a time of his personal choosing - rather than having a gun to his head, following the curry house failed putsch of Tom Watson (fat, or not?) and others, then the story might have been different.
As it was, I don't think anything could have 'saved' it in 2010. It had to be gone through and lost and, hopefully re-building will now occur.
May take a bit of time though.
Like others, I'm doing my best!

Anonymous said...

Brown was elected, but his opponent did not get enough nominations (as happened to him again this time) to proceed to the election. Subsequently, we discovered that Brown could not relate to the public and was too inflexible.

Anonymous said...

However, he probably didn't need that poisonous little pimple, Deborah Mattinson attempting to make dosh out of him by publishing a book in which she details her valiant attempts to get Gordon to lose weight so he would stop resembling a carthorse.

She is hardly a dead ringer for Michelle Obama/Jackie O/Carla Bruni herself.
More like the spit of Dandy Nichols.