Monday, 11 June 2012

super size me

Boris Johnson (for it is he) writes here that Mayor Bloomberg in New York has banned the sale of giant-sized paper cups for soft drinks, as an anti-obesity measure.  Coca-Cola, apparently, is pissed off.  But this stuff really works.  I was idly looking at shops here in Strasbourg on Saturday, and I noticed a range of children's lunchboxes.  Packed lunches are actually rather rare in France, but they do exist, and are increasing in popularity.  Those lunchboxes were tiny. And French children, and adults, are quite slim for the most part. Every now and again the French media get in a froth about obesity (which is increasing) and they inevitably show those pictures on TV of the bottom halves of people walking along the street.  I always think when I see them, "But those people aren't really fat at all!"  It's relative.  But most people eat and drink whatever is put in front of them, and then stop.  Not long ago I broke my favourite wine glass, and have been using another one, which is quite a lot smaller (I bought it in France).  Yesterday I found myself thinking "There's a lot more left in that bottle than I thought there was."  I had drunk less of it, without noticing, because my glass was smaller.  Now for dinner on smaller plates...

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