Saturday, 9 June 2012

Kennedy assassination - at last the truth

Well, maybe.  Marbury points us to some work on this.  We have all seen the film (no, not the Oliver Stone one, silly), we know where Lee Harvey Oswald was, and we see the President hit a third time, apparently from the other direction.  From this sprang a thousand conspiracy theories.  The third bullet was, allegedly, fired by a security team member who panicked, and was the one which actually killed the President.  Could be  could be.  The mystery deepens...

Next year, readers, will be the 50th anniversary of that event.  I was nine when it happened, and remember  the adult conversations about it well, although I didn't understand them.  My parents were not on the right politically, though there were times when they weren't sure where they stood (mostly they voted Labour) but they hated all the Kennedys with a passion.  I have never understood why, especially as at the time the more questionable character issues were not known about because of the different media in those days.  I had better ask my mother while there is still time.

Anyway, next year there will be new books out, films probably, TV programmes, interviews with people who were there, a mini-series about the Doomed Dynasty I should think.  Makes you tired already.

Hey, anybody want to commission me to write something?  I can DO this stuff.


Anonymous said...

As people say when there's a big happening, I remember exactly where I was at the time.
But my abiding memory was going into the pub that evening and there were a lot of USAF servicemen (from Greenham Common). One big one, tears in his eyes turned to me and said "it's a goddam commie plot"!
( Jane - had 5 goes before I could fimd a set of anti-spam letters that I could clearly read)

Anonymous said...

I was 9 at the time. I was watching Dr Finlay's Casebook (started at 7.30pm) on Sunday.I was also washing my hair and rinsing it using a jug in the sink. Still do. Suddenly, the programme was interrutped and cut across Janet ( Barbara Mullen) talking to Dr Finlay.Dr Cameron was out of the room and Dr Snoddie was nto therr either. The announcer said that President Kennedy had been shot.

The programme then resumed.

About twenty minutes later, 'Dr Finlay' was interrutped again and the announcer said that President Kennedy had died.

I like the Kenndeys. All of them. Even Teddy. And Bobby. And Ethel adn Jackie and Joan although they were'nt real Kennedys - they married into them.
I cannot wait for all the stuff to be shown next year because I am fascinated by them.