Saturday, 30 June 2012

Caruso and the Red Flag

the Mail tells us (in the person of Quentin Letts) that the Parliamentary Labour Party had a "slap-up feed" in the Strangers' Dining Room at the Commons the other day, and that the Red Flag was sung, led by Stephen "Caruso" Pound, a man I hold in great affection, and that Red Ed joined in.  So that's all right then.  Never happened in My Day.  Not that many people went to most meetings of the PLP.

What larks.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt that many still do. This will have been an orchestrated 'do' with Poundy tipping off The Mail. In early days, when the dear departed Joe Murphy was Political Editor of The Mail on Sunday, Pound was one of the first Labour MPs invited to sing for his supper at a Black Dog Christmas lunch.

Unfortunately, one of the songs he sang was a totally spiteful side swipe at me that found its way into the column. And he has kept up a chummy relationship with my successor - so I can take hime or leave him and preferably leave him.