Thursday, 28 June 2012

the Labour parliamentary candidate for Reading East

is going to be a GIRL, says my little poll, which closed some days ago.  by a wide margin.  Tony Jones and Martin Salter nowhere, Tony Page worse than nowhere. The corrupt little clique at the heart of the party will not hear of a GIRL of course.  But every party member has a vote, last time I looked,  and I also hear that there are some people with sense, of a younger generation, active in the party, hence the victory in Caversham.  If true, good news.  So - which GIRL?  The boys already have their candidate, Rachel Eden in Reading West.  Can they lock someone in Singleton-White's attic this time?  Can they run a puppet in both constituencies?  You tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Jo Lovelock - but tell Singleton White, it will be more expensive this time. Unliek Anneliese, it won't be bread and water, but bread and WINE.

But as even meths would do for JL - he can get away with Rocamar at a pinch!