Thursday, 28 June 2012

Reading East - the battle begins

he's behind you, Mr Hunt!
A rather mysterious piece on Tony Jones' blog a little while ago, using the picture to the left, for which he does not credit anyone other than to say the pic was taken at the Leveson inquiry, so I credit only Mr Jones.  In what is otherwise a naked bid for selection for Reading East  considered analysis of the politics of Reading East, Mr Jones informs us that it is quite possible for Labour to go from third to first place in Reading East (how did they get from first to third, Mr Jones?  That attic again!) so long as there is a "strong local candidate" - "strong" being of course code for "male".  What is odd is the picture above.  why would a PPS not be behind his Minister?  And what is wrong with referring to the Leveson inquiry (of which more in a future

Labour candidate for Reading East 2010
post) especially as Mr Salter claims (untruthfully) to have given evidence to it, and the Chronicle Arsewipe has copied out the lies?  Be careful Tony, this could all go horribly wrong.  And if or when it does, you won't want the you-know-what all over your face, now will you?


Anonymous said...

Hook, line and sinker!

Jane Griffiths said...


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't he want the 'you know what' all over his face?

He was accustomed to socialising in the place of its manufacture, as I recall, so presumably is quite inured to it.