Thursday, 21 June 2012

the Lady speaks

Aung San Suu Kyi of course, accepting her Nobel Peace Prize at last.  She has never been involved in acts of violence, or in promoting or supporting them (unlike her late father Aung San) and that is why, I think, she is revered as she is.  Though being beautiful helps.  And after all, Nelson Mandela has become a latter-day saint, and he was involved in what would now be called terrorist violence -which is why Amnesty International never supported him.  Anyway, the Lady has said "Please use your liberty to support ours", and I hope that it is that message which has given her the respect she receives (almost) worldwide.  Her receiving the Prize was an expression of the oneness of humanity - no more "faraway countries of which we know little" and "we cannot be the world's policeman" and similar tosh.  But she was awarded it a long time ago.  I hope that the Prize may still be awarded with the ideal of the oneness of humanity at heart, and that crassness like awarding it to Barack Obama be forgotten and not repeated.

I saw the film "The Lady", with Michelle Yeoh, and I thought it was good.  Filmed I think mostly in Thailand.  One day I shall go to Burma.

DLT fan

Suu Kyi has spoken of the comfort she received from the BBC World Service during her years under house arrest.  She has also said that she particularly enjoyed a programme, which was broadcast regularly for a number of years, called "A Jolly Good Show".  It was presented by Dave Lee Travis, who has now had the opportunity to meet Suu Kyi and to kiss her hand.  There has been some derision about this, but it is misplaced.  DLT was a very good broadcaster - he never talked over records or had silly catchphrases.  All he did was call himself "the hairy monster from 200 miles up the M1" and later "the hairy cornflake", and why shouldn't he?  DLT is well known for not having a sense of humour.  I wouldn't know - that is often said about people who don't enjoy being bullied and publicly derided - but it is not compulsory.  I wish DLT, and Aung San Suu Kyi, everything they wish for themselves.
Suu Kyi fan


Anonymous said...

Why are you not writing about Reading and Martin Salter? How can you be obsessed when you write about other things? Up with this we will not put!

Anonymous said...

Will she meet the Dalai Lama who is also here?

Anonymous said...

I am delighted that the sparkling Blade has lead in his pencil ( urgh!!!! Ed) and has reminded us of our true priorities.

ANG What Not can be the GIRL to take on Salter in Reading East , if ever she find s Burma a bit too hot or gets fed up with those garlands of flowers that people are always pushing on her!

She is used to being under house arrest, so would not mind living in Singleton White's attic! So - problem solved. Thank you Flasher!