Tuesday, 26 April 2011

yes to AV!

where was I? Got carried away there for a moment. Ah yes. People voting, stuff like that. Which is happening in the UK next week I believe. If anyone is left to vote, as with the fantastically generous public hols most people who can have already left the country it seems. Not here. OH no. We have hols on 1st and 8th May here, and both fall on a Sunday this year, so we lose them. None of this shifting to Mondays for us. We have to wait till 2nd June for the next one, which falls on a Thursday and so we are making the bridge, as the French say "on fait le pont". It means taking the Friday off, do try and keep up. We are going to Hirson (pronounced "ear song" approximately) on the Franco-Belgian border, to make a kind of pilgrimage. Which may well be a topic for another post.

Anyway, voting. Gains for Labour I fancy, but not as many as they think they are getting. And we know why. I am just anxious that my AV referendum ballot paper gets here in time. Because AV is very g(That's enough. Ed.). Well, you see the problem.


Chaucerian;concerned said...

Yes. Well. Ed - whoever Ed is - is clearly against AV. As am I. So all power to Ed.
And I knew you had got religion - or are demonstrating it - or it is better in France OR SOMETHING?!!!!!!

But 'pilgrimages'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unless you are intending to pose in role as Wife of Bath , gat toothed etc with all its connotations, then I am very worried, very worried indeed.

Anonymous said...

Park will go green with Basher and Wazir fighting it out for second - literally if history's anything to go by. Apart from Tilehurst the Libs may be in trouble (any news?). The Tories seem insanely keen in Battle but is there any evidence of a single Labour gain from Con?

Jane Griffiths said...

"pilgrimage" - "any journey taken for nostalgic or sentimental reasons" (OED). That is, more or less, what this journey will be. So don't worry Anon 0036.

Anon 0048 now that would be interesting - Wazir should have an ambulance standing by. The Libs are pushing Caversham and Southcote, the latter looking three-way. No likelihood of Lab gain from Con as far as I can see. A Lab gain in Wokingham possible however.

Anonymous said...

In Shinfield North ?