Friday, 22 April 2011

hope he sucks them dry

Christopher Jefferies, the newspapers who reported him as a murderer, good for Catherine.  This man's life has been ruined, and he is guilty of NOTHING.  Happy now, Mr and Ms Journo?  Mr Jefferies was not in public life, he was a retired teacher, for fxxxk's sake.  But oh yes, footballers and TV stars (whose identities are easy to find out anyway if anyone can be bothered) can get super injunctions so their various peccadilloes can be covered up.  What is Britain coming to?  Gone to the bloody bow-wows, is what.

Shame on the lot of you.


Anonymous said...

Agree entirely, Jane - and what an excellent comment from Catherine!
What really distressed me about the whole shabby business wasn't just the vile and wicked behaviour of the press. Anyone who has had them sniffing and sneering knows that they are beneath contempt ( which is why some of us are so THRILLED that certain individuals were recently arrested and forced to pig it in the cells with DNA swabs, mugshots and open toilets), but what was evil beyond endurance was that loads of individuals who had been taught by Christopher, swarmed out of the woodwork to take the bait and throw the ordure.
I knew Christopher quite well during the late seventies and early eighties.
I also knew many of the teaching staff at Clifton and some of the boys who were taught by Christopher at that time. I saw them accept his hospitality -- it goes on in public schools, you know - including places like Eton where staff are called 'M'tutor'. Frequently, Oxbridge Entrance teaching is conducted at the Master's home in small groups. As these are sixth formers - and then, boys who had stayed on the extra term to sit the exam, lessons would often be accompanied by snacks and wine. The atmosphere was that of an Oxbridge College. This was also the case at the film society Christopher ran.

To read comments by some of these old boys -- some I knew from those days and still remember in all their spotty teenage angst -- insinuating that Christopher was some type of gay predator with freaky and frightening obsessions -- who was luring boys to his flat -- is evil.

Yes, the press deserve to be sued through the nose and to pay up and pay often.
But I hope that those rats who abused Christopher to them for the sick little joy of seeing their obscure little names in a national arena for the only time in their sad little lives -- feel ashamed and disgusted. But I doubt it. Money can, indeed, buy you a posh education and a smarmy accent. It can't buy you brains, sensitivity or real class and understnading. This Good Frisday, read, take note and ponder.

And have a good Easter Christopher!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really up to date with these libel cases.
Is he almost certain to win, and end up a millionaire?
Hope so.

Anonymous said...

I think and hope so. And he enjoys holidays in France, reading and drinking good wine. May he enjoy many of these excursions and consign Bristol to the trash can.