Thursday, 7 April 2011

a reason not to vote Labour

in Park ward, Reading.  This post by Basher ("vote for me or I'll punch your lights out") McKenzie:

Way forward

The Parents’ Group is considering options around legal action, I am campaigning with Councillor Jon Hartley to make sure that my Party commits itself to persuing (sic) legal action against Wokingham Borough Council in its manifesto for the May elections if Labour takes control of Reading Council in May.
Many of you will have read about the proposal for a University Technical School somewhere in East Reading. Many parents have expressed their concerns about the school, they are uncertain and the information released so far is vague and very unclear. Currently there is no information as to the exact opening date, curriculum or even where it will be based. What is clear is that the situation remains unclear.
Wokingham is determined to exclude Park’s children from Maiden Erlegh, I will keep working to ensure that you are fully informed as the issue develops and as the various legal actions come to fruition.

Right. The post reproduces a letter from Cllr Wazir Hussain, not in that capacity but on Reading Conservatives letterhead, sent to Park residents last year, and says that Cllr Wazir Hussain "welcomes" Wokingham's proposals.  Read the letter, and read the public statements he has made on the issue,  and you will see that he does not.  What he does do is press for equitable treatment for Park residents.  The chair of Reading East Conservatives, attending a meeting to support Park residents, was publicly called "Wokingham scum" by - Basher McKenzie  himself.  Who has lied in this post about the position of Cllr Hussain and of the Reading East Conservatives.  Which is actionable at the very least.  The question should be asked whether Basher's post has been authorised by Reading Labour Party in advance of publication, and if not what is their view.  In addition, Basher commits Reading Labour Party, should they take control of Reading Borough Council next month, to taking legal action against Wokingham Borough Council on this issue.  Which is opposed by the Conservatives, who favour a new school in east Reading, campaigned for by the Reading East MP, something which has never been supported by Reading Labour, who prefer bashing Wokingham to doing anything about education in Reading.  As MP for Reading East for eight years I could NEVER interest the then Labour-controlled Reading Borough Council in campaigning for a new school in east Reading.  And I had Labour government ministers willing to work with me, but of course they needed the council to be on side, which it never was.  Those in charge of education at the time (Lovelock and then Fatboy Hartley) should answer as to why.  And blaming Berkshire County Council will not wash.  It was abolished 13 years ago and not a finger has been lifted since.  That is why east Reading parents want and need to send their children to school in Wokingham. 

Lies and the lying liars who tell them, hein?

lying liar


Nowtas said...

The Reading Lqanour Party can hardly be held responsible for a posting on a blog for his "private" and personal use though, right?

Jane Griffiths said...

No, but he is a Laour candidate and it is a fair question to ask, whether his view is in line with Labour policy and approved by them, or not.

Oink said...

Well, of course it is in line and approved by them. They are all 'in it together' -- all pigs snuffling at the trough.

Anonymous said...

If Basher has issued a leaflet lying about the position of his opponent doesn't he risk a "Woolas" if Park should be so unfortunate that he was to win?

Have Labour in Reading pledged to give lawyers thousands of taxpayers money if they win the election?

Was said...

Ah, the irony... a cut and dried defamation and knowinglu untrue statement for electoral gain if ever there was one.

And Nowtas, his election agent is legally responsible for the words on his blog now that he is a nominated local election candidate.

Anonymous said...

I see that he fell off his bike.

Anonymous said...

I think the headline on his recent post is one for John Rentoul.(CF

WV boing (Have the Baggies fans been at this - another one for Rentoul?)