Sunday, 17 April 2011

put the posters up

except they haven't. The people of Reading it seems. Labour ones that is. Sig other and I were at the Madejski Stadium yesterday to see a satisfying victory for Reading over Leicester. I am not much for football on the telly but will pretty much always go to a live game. Anyway, we took the Green Bus there and back, which gives you a pretty scenic tour of south Reading, Whitley and Church wards, and not one Labour poster did we see. Wtf? Basher tells us he went to church this morning for the Palm Sunday service. So did I, in Woodley, thanks for the friendly welcome and nice comments Woodley peeps. Basher though does picture some Labour posters. Except that they are all, er, on his own house. Are there really none elsewhere in Park that you could show us, Basher? Cllr Hussain has an excellent work record in the ward, and does not visit east Reading community associations just for free lunches, as Basher tells us he does.


Anonymous said...

Dunno how you can bear to set foot in the place - although of course you will have good friends there. I suppose I would just prefer to see the good friends elsewhere. There is one place that I will NEVER go to again except under duress or to hand over the keys of a house to a new buyer.

May the place rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Any views about whether to vote for AV or not? Reading Labour Party seem to be a bit quiet on the subject.

Was said...

I'm surprised. Last year they fixed their stakeboards to lamposts and other council property in Whitley. No residents required!

Now... here's a question for you. How many projects do "community engagement specialists" Green Issues (the developers friend and employer of Whitley candidate and Abbey ward resident Kelly Edwards) have in Whitley?

Answers on a Section 106 agreement to the usual address.

Anonymous said...

Posters have only just been handed out Jane.

Jane Griffiths said...

Reading Labour is generally quiet on issues - like the Iraq war - on which you actually need to take a position and cannot legitimately face both ways at once. That is why they are quiet on this. Personally I am voting yes to AV, and would campaign for yes if I were in the UK, not because of "fairness" because that is a red herring, no voting system is entirely fair, but because it is better than tactical voting and allows a true expression of preference.

Oh and if posters have "only just been handed out" on 19th April - why? Who printed the posters?

Anonymous said...

I think that Anonymous @ 10:37 is wrong. There were Labour Posters in Warwick Road and Northumberland Avenue two Saturdays ago.

Was said...

Jan Gavin tweeted: Great evening canvassing on Hexham, lots of vote labour posters up and a great community atmosphere on the streets in the sunshine #rdg

It explains much. Apparently "lots" is THREE!

Jan, when you lie to the electorate, try to make up something that can't be easily verified like Tony Page does.

Anonymous said...

The voting sytem is all pooh and bother. Or as Shakespeare would have said ( in fact, DID) 'full of sound and fury signifying nothing'.

The interesting thing is the canvass for the local elections - either on the phone or at the door.

I am working in a marginal seat -- one Labour held from 1997-2010 and lost when the effective and popular woman MP stood down unexpectedly and was replaced by a drongo.

Result -- massive swing against Labour and humiliating loss of seat - despite the type of campaign and commitment from Party activists that even a Party Leader would have been proud of.

They all disliked the replacement putative Labour MP -- but nobody would have known it. They worked their finegrs to the bone and deserve eternal credit.

Well - now they are at it again -- working their guts off. Voters do not like the Coalition. They especailly do not like Clegg and feel that the so-called cuts are too quick and too much.
They are sniffing around Labour again -- in much the same way that my cat, Hillary Pigson, sniffs at a food she hasn't had for some time. She has had it before. It was not a favourite - but - maybe -- in the absence of Sheba Deluxe - she might give it a go.

But then -- NO.
There is a repellant ingredient. Something that cannot pass muster. And so she swishes her hindquarters, swipes Oscar in the chops and trollies off for a mouse.

The analogy is with Labour and Ed Miliband.
HE, it is emerging -- is the gristle in the Sheba.

Canvassers have been told he is a geek/dork/less human than his brother(how funny for the Labourista clique who always said 'Ed Does it Human'), has a funny-shaped head and a creepy voice' has no confidence in front of the camera' is shifty' is inexperienced' does not know what he is saying' is frightened and a 'pleaser'. And spits and sprays a lot.

I have tried saying 'Well. Nobody ever said that Clem Atlee was a media wizard - but what fab policies'. The answer has been 'Well - I never met him but I don't like this one'.

It AIN't gonna wash.

Can't see an alternative.

Eighteen years between Harold resigning and Tony taking the leadership. History always repeats itself.Unfortunately.