Thursday, 28 April 2011

kebabs cause murder - official

Basher Mackenzie

 Basher's increasingly bizarre and irrational behaviour manifests itself today in an objection to an application for a kebab van in east Reading, because it will lead to gun crime if approved.  Srsly.

The burger bar will be up off the main road. It will be unpoliced and will of course not have any toilets. There have already been incidents in local takeaways, such as the shooting at the PFC last year.  

He tells us in Howarthian orthography that the above is the "jist" (I promise you) of the letter he has sent to the Licensing Committee.

a mad person


Martin S MP, Reading said...

Basher's right. Haven't you ever heard the words "I could murder for a kebab"?

Anonymous said...

Pelase remove this disgusting male porn picture attached to post of Martin S. I can't stand viewing those skinny shanks anymore.

Martin S MP, Reading said...

I am sorry if my hot physique drives people mad with lust, Anonymous 10:59.

Anonymous said...

What's this about him singing hymns to Muslims? Any more info, anyone?

Anonymous said...

It just makes me wish to be permanently blind.