Saturday, 23 April 2011

splendid stuff

what is below amused me, though it does not of course represent Labour policy.  Just that of the corrupt little clique that sadly is still apparently at the core of the Labour "manifesto" in Reading.  Sorry/  That decent people are (scarcely) allowed to stand in Reading.  Btw if in Peppard vote DP Singh, top man. Hat-tip muckspReading,


Printed by Pubic Impact Ldt - Your “Friendly” Printer Spell checked by Jhon Howarth
For the purposes of declaring election expenses, this is not worth the paper it is written on.
standing up for self-interest
Labour’s manifesto Reading Borough Council 2011
In case you’re being deliberately pernicious , this is a work of fiction although the same could also be said for the real Labour manifesto!
vote Labotomy
© 2011 muckspReading


Jonathan said...

Shurley it shood reed "you're[sic] freidnly local printer in Reding"?

Was said...

Kicking myself for missing the bleedin' obvious!

It deos now ;0)