Thursday, 21 October 2010

that went well then

Basher's little motion down the toilet, complaints from members of the public and councillors about his behaviour, forced to take illegal photographs off his blog, motion to council forces Labour admission that they could have taken up the issue last March but did not bother.  Congratulations Bashie babes, you've just lost Labour several hundred votes.  Now do us all a favour and push off - but don't go home until you have calmed down, for safety reasons.


Mr London Street said...

Can I put in a request for the last of the 7 people that changed your life? I've missed your writing.

jane said...

coming up - I have a deadline of this weekend to get it done, and then onwards and upwards. thanks.

Jonny said...

Well, if we're doing requests, I'd like to know your thoughts on the World Service and Monitoring budgets being subsumed into the general BBC one.