Friday, 1 October 2010

pants on fire - again

Cllr John Ennis, Salter's boy, has been at it again.  All blogs are a presentation of the author as the author wants to be presented, well, mostly, but there is no point in publishing straight lies.  You will be found out and ridiculed or worse.  Ennis has done it here:

Ed is enthusiastic and motivated to lead a new party into a new era. Yes we have to acknowledge the wrongs of our past Government, such as the Iraq War says who?  and why didn't Salter vote against it then, though he told us he did?, not winning the argument over immigration and the 10p tax debacle .However, let us not forget the three general election victories of 1997, 2001 and 2005 when Martin Salter had a 9.000 plus majority for Labour in Reading West due to raising living standards and promoting full employment.

The highest majority Martin Salter achieved was in 2001, when it was 8,849.  In 2005 it was 4,672.  Lies and the lying liars who tell them.  Remember that when he asks for your vote.  Liar.

In a shock move too, Independent Jones tells us he has rejoined the Labour Party, and that he is quite fond of Cllr Ennis.  Who would not be my choice of supper companion, he would probably tell you the meat was beef when it was wildebeest or domestic cat, but there you go.


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well.

New Labour and it is still
New Labour appears to be in
a timewarp.

Nothing to say of any value,
nothing to offer the people
of Reading or the country.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous - kindly do not confuse the warped and perverted conduct of the Reading Labour Party with anything remotely connectd to the word 'Labour'.

This misguided clique of control freaks thought they kenw better than the electorate and stole a march by de-selecting the MP for Reading East, thus precipitating a Tory take-over in Reading before the rest of the nation had caught on!

Go away Ennis, Go away, Salter, Singleton-Black and Howarth.

Preferably to Australia, Siberia , the Moon etc etc.

Hooded Clump said...

A bit harsh old girl. He appears to be guilty because he was close to Salter. As far as I know John didn't get to vote as he's never been an MP. The rest is just semantics.

I have always found John to be very nice, helpful and approachable. Life post Salter has to start somewhere and it might as well start with him. His heart is in the right place.

You appear to take any criticism of the Iraq war far too personally. Some agree some disagree. Even David Miliband said that if he knew then what he knows now he wouldnt have voted for the war. You clearly feel differently, but really so what?

JE is only making a comment that it is time to move on and fight the ConDem coalition. Lets concentrate on that rather than naval gazing.

jane said...

Oh - so pointing out that Ennis has published lies on his blog about the Reading West election results is "personal"? Most of us have been here before. Can't I take a joke?

Anonymous said...

Navel gazing not naval gazing.
And why 'old girl'?

This is a typically patronising tone taken by many old male hacks who can't stand it if women get too uppity - ie , have opinions that they are not 'allowed' to hold if not 'vetted' by the all-seeing male.
Do us a favour and Clump Off.

Anonymous said...

Every leading member of RLP sold out on their original principles
to get power.

They passed on every national Tory
or New Labour cut to the people of

The town and the country are much worse off as a result.

They can try to reinvent themselves
but some of us won't be fooled.

Thirteen years in power ended with the gap between rich and poor getting bigger.

What an epitaph.

Anonymous said...

Ed says the government should have had a common front with other countries instead of USA. In fact they did - the French, Germans and Russians dropped out because of their business interests with Sadam, so VBlair was left with just the USA.

In his speech, Ed kept saying "To be honest", which is code for "I am about to tell a lie".

Note that the members of both Reading East and Reading West voted for Dave, not Ed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 20.02 - neither Ed Miliband nor David Cameron were actually standing for either of the Reading seats.
And neither was Nick Clegg.

The voters of Reading West were well aware that their MP - Salter was standing down,or going fishing or digging with a bucket and spade to Australia and had made it more than clear that he was no longer interested in the seat after he failed ( again) to attain Ministerial office after the 2005 General Election. And they knew that the Reading Labour Party had 'switched off' from the seat because it selected 'Nasty Naz' - a talentless individual who even lied about his teaching ( or otherwise) experience. Or should we say 'economical with the actualite' to avoid m'learned friend?

As for Reading East, the constituents there had already voted with their feet when the Reading Labour Patry de-selected their Labour MP and stood a sex offender as candidate.
So they elected Rob Wilson in 2005. Not Dave. He hadn't become leader then.
In 2010, they voted for Robert Wilson again ( not Dave, Rob), because the Reading Labour Party selected as candidate an individual kept as a house-pet in the Singleton White attic - allowed out on rare occasions to fill up a corner of a press photo.
So I'm not aware that either Ed Miliband or David Cameron, or Nick Clegg - or even the wondrous Olly Grender, had anything at all to do with the 2010 resutls in the Reading seats.
The credit must all be taken by the Reading Labour Party - honour where honour's due and all that!

Anonymous said...

My comment about the members of the 2 Reading Labour parties voting for Dave was about the recent Leadership election (the party has published the results by constituency and by affiliated organisation), when the GCs voted for Ed.