Saturday, 30 October 2010

blow them up

yes, we all knew that the Bush n Blair policies were going to get us all blown to kingdom come.  Because before them there was no international terrorism.  Oh no.  Did not exist.  The people blown up were all Africans so did not count.  Doubt if any of them even read the Guardian.  So while the likes of Polly Toynbee were comparing the British Government's domestic economic policies to - you're ahead of me - the Holocaust - explosive packages were intercepted in the US and UK.  And yes, blowing to kingdom come is what those packages were intended for.  And their destination?  Synagogues in Chicago.  Because as we all know, the real enemy within is DA JOOZ.  Oh, please yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute! Most of my adult life was affected by international terrorism - instigated by the IRA and funded by Americans. Remember the two bombs near Reading station? The difference then, of course, was that the so-called "Left" supported the terrorists' aims.

Jonny said...

Isn't that a rational difference?