Wednesday, 20 October 2010

oh no he didn't

Last night's Reading Borough Council meeting.  Possibly.

this from Basher:

Councillor Swaine has, I believe denied Twittering during the Council meeting "I believe" because the Reading boys do not read this blog.  Oh no.  Definitely not.  And what Basher is referring to is this comment, made on this blog earlier today by Cllr Warren Swaine (LD, Katesgrove, toppler of Dictatorship Dave "moronic members of the public" Sutton):

I neither texted or went on facebook during the council meeting... another Labour lie from McKenzie.

Peter Jones was reading his emails and even waved his phone about during the debate.

Just thought I'd mention it.  And peeps, do you not think the future of school provision in east Reading has got a little lost in all this?  Do you not think those who actually care about these things will draw their own conclusions when they contrast personal insults, bullying and thuggish behaviour with considered efforts to help the situation and represent residents?  At election time? 

For context, those (and their name is legion), who cannot bring themselves to look at Basher's eructations, will wish to know that Basher posted this afternoon, after I had posted on last night's meeting, to say triumphantly that he had got hold of Cllr Swaine's Twitter feeds, and to publish them.


Was said...

Did he accuse me of texting and facebooking? Yes.

Did I deny tweeting? No.

Seems Basher and his cronies have made an official complaint about it. Not very good at this interweb stuff are they. Or the truth.

jane said...

I've had to delete a few on this post - the boys are back. Poor loves. lol

Jonathan said...

Has Basher disabled the facility to leave comments on his blog?

I totally understand why people would want to moderate comments, and of course it is his blog, so he can exclude whatever he wants for any reason or for no reason, but surely a "man of the people" like him would want to hear what those people have to say?

Was said...

I do love the idea that Basher somehow "got hold" of my twitter feed. It's public and available to all and widely advertised. It's @waswasere in case anyone is as technologically challenged as he.

More likely given that Labour think the internet is the magic of the Wookey Hole Witch he copied it from an email from Stephen Green, who if I've got the right one has made an official complaint about me tweeting during a council meeting whilst he himself was sitting in the same meeting tweeting:

Sitting in wildly exciting council meeting. How many times will I hear "previous administration"?
7:25 PM Oct 19th via Twitter for iPhone

Of course, the reason for Basher's bile is that I think you are more likely to to get what you want if you talk to people rather than harrass, bully or stare at cleavage. He knows no other way.

Anonymous said...

Just love the word 'eructations'.

Nowtas said...

Poor old Was - giving an honest answer, being called a liar for it. You should have taken photos, photoshopped a few Universal Monster images in there, turned a few Labour followers into villagers with pitchforks and torches, etc.

Jonny said...

Was - what's the distinction between texting and twittering? Especially as it looks to an observer? This is a subtle distinction of which Clegg and Alexander would be proud.
I just used to do crosswords, and the hell with it.

Was said...

If you don't know the difference then you probably need to get yourself a new phone.