Monday, 18 October 2010

he's feeling it

Fatboy Hartley that is.  Tomorrow night he is presenting a motion to Reading Borough Council, the text of which Basher gives us here.  Spot the deliberate mistake.  The motion urges the council to write to the Reading East MP for support on this piece of nonsense.  No - what has happened to you?  Where did the love go?  It is the Reading West MP who should be written to on all matters, especially those concerning the Reading East constituency!  You know that, boys and girls!  What has happened?  Has something changed?  The previous chief executive of Reading Borough Council, the shamed Trish Haines, told me that Reading Borough Council would only work with the Reading West MP.  Explain this policy change.  Do. 

Anyway, Fatboy is clearly feeling the hot breath of Basher on his neck.  Otherwise he would not be doing this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fair play to you Jane at least you are consistent.

That Jones fellow is Labour then independent then Labour again.

They must have made a better officer.

You were treated shamefully by RLP and the same gang are still in charge.

They have learnt nothing from defeat.

Its great that you are still exposing them for what they are.

Who do you think their new PPCs
will be?