Thursday, 21 October 2010

the girl from the golden West

because I would quite like to write about some other things as well as get on with my day job, I'll get this done now.  Tony Jones informs us that the Labour candidate for Redlands ward in Reading is Jan Gavin, which is more than Reading Labour Party has done.  The selection has been done quite early; I imagine the boys think it is a marginal and, because the LibDems appear to have gone to sleep, as others have pointed out, Labour can have it back.  Well, we'll see.  Labour lost Redlands before the main carnage mostly wiped out Reading Labour's tainted brand, largely because of the electoral fraud committed there in 2004 and identified by the police in 2005.  This is what the then chair of Reading Labour Party, Stuart Singleton-White, the fraudster's friend, said was fine, because the fraud was too small to have affected the result.  I asked at the time - how does he know?  Unless he knows because - well, draw your own conclusions.  One of the councillors wiped out in the Great Electoral Rout was Peter Kayes, the self-hating Jew.  Kayes went so far as to say (to me) that the police were wrong in identifying that fraud had been committed.  Not even the fraudster's friend went that far.  But we have not heard from Mr Kayes since.  No, they have put in a trusty.  Whatever else Jan Gavin is, and whether she is a serious or a paper candidate, she is a trusty for the boys.  She is a former (I presume) deputy head of Highdown School, and is married to Mr Salter's drug dealer Chris Gavin.  Last time I looked she lived in west Reading, far enough west to be in the Reading West constituency.  Tony Jones of course lives in Redlands ward and would have been at the selection meeting.  The fraudster's friend lives in Redlands too. Perhaps Tony Jones was even a candidate himself, though I suspect he has rejoined the Labour Party too recently to be eligible.  Picture the scene: comfy living room in biggish house in a leafy Redlands street, piles of the Guardian on the coffee table; the Redlands Labour faithful gather to drink milky coffee and choose their candidate for the local elections.  There is the distant whir of a tumble dryer from the utility room.  A lot of the furnishings are beige and nubbly.
Party members:  "So, Jan Gavin, why do you want to be our candidate?"
Jan Gavin: "Because Martin Salter told me to."
Fraudster's friend:  "Good enough for us, I think.  All agreed?"
Tony Jones: "Not so fast, comrades.  I don't wish to undermine Jan at this stage, but I want her to answer this: although the LibDems aren't very visible round here at present, they might start doing stuff again.  How would she combat that?"
Jan Gavin:  "No need.  They're finished.  Most of the Redlands Labour Party members vote LibDem as you know, except Stuart of course who's a Tory, has been ever since he fought in the Falklands, and even with everyone in this room voting LibDem, as most of you will, Redlands is likely to go Tory next time."
Party members: "Eh?"
Jan Gavin is selected by acclaim and the meeting closes with Gipsy Creams and a prayer for the Taleban.

Jan Gavin is 59.

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very familiar...

Tony Jones said...

Well spotted Jane. I did wonder how long it would take someone to notice it.
Unfortunately, I wasn't at the selecion meeting, but your description did make me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

For the record .. I know you wouldn't want any inaccuracies in your blog Jane ... I am 55!

Anonymous said...

For the record .. I am 55, I just look 59!

jane said...

Der - it was a cultural reference - nemmind

Anonymous said...

Labour does not have any candidates yet. It only has prospective candidates.

Anonymous said...

Well , yes, all very feasible - but I'd take issue with the fact that they were all consuming 'milky coffee'.

I had understood that the worst excesses of the Reading Labour Party occurred after they had been tossing booze down their throats like pigswill.

Like on the numerous occasions when hallowed Party stalwarts such as Andy Pegg lurched at Jane in drunken and potentially threatening mode at meetings of the General Committee which she had virtually broken her back to attend on Thursdays after doing the job she was sent to do at Westminster.
And when Jane requested that such individuals restrain themselves and start behaving like civilised members of the human race , they chose to fill the ears and eyes of successive Chief Whips and London Labour officials with character-destroying lies.

Yes, voting fraud may have been a contributory cause for Labour's spectacular decline and fall in Reading.

Much more significant was the practised and studied denigration of the twice elected Labour MP for Reading East who was left to swing by the national Party and replaced by a convicted sex offender.


Jonny said...

Well, it's obviously all different now, but when Tony and I were Redlands councillors the coffee wasn't milky at all. Jerry served good, strong coffee.

jane said...

how funny that it is the consumption, or otherwise, of coffee people have taken issue with! and nothing else!

Anonymous said...

Probably because consumption - and what it is and how much is consumed, is frequently the key to behaviours that are life-changing.

We eat to live - some live to eat and drink for England, Harry and St George, to bowdlerise Henry 5th.

Anonymous said...

mWhatever happened to Andy Pegg?

Oh and Jane was treated by the
ruling group in RLP as were many
others whose faces didn't fit.

Anonymous said...

Jane i think that bloke who used to call himself independent Jones has started leaving comments on your blog because nobody comments
on his.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I expect that Jane was treated like this like other people whose faces didn't fit - by the beasts of the RLP.

Difference was, the effect on Jane was much more serious and devastating because what was threatened was her paid JOB and means of economic survival - rather than the continuance of an unpaid hobby - however selflessly pursued.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to eat cruddy gipsy creams?
Why not a packet of decent bourbons or shortbread or dark chocolate digestives?

McVities - not a rotten supermarket generic sort. Not the same no matter how much cheaper the price. Whether Primark and D@G or Asda and McVities I think the inference is clear. If you pay pigshit you'll get a turkey.