Tuesday, 19 October 2010

the impact should be a bit more public

Guido Fawkes has mentioned, in connection with Sadiq Khan MP's expenses fiddle, that Khan's printers are Public Impact Limited.  Regular readers will know that the proprietor of that little outfit is one John Howarth, former councillor, architect of the one-way IDR and barely literate soi-disant spinmeister (remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?).  Sadiq Khan got Public Impact to print him some birthday cards, the claim for which was refused, so the invoice remained unpaid - Public Impact then submitted a different invoice and that was claimed for and paid.  This is corruption at best and possibly criminal fraud.  At the taxpayer's expense.  Quite a number of Labour MPs have used Public Impact in recent years.  This is because Mr Salter, who was a founding director of that outfit, and whose wife still was a director last time I looked, pimped Howarth and his company round the PLP, getting rooms hired for the purpose in the name of Clive, now Lord, Soley.  Fraudulent invoices are a Public Impact speciality. Professionalism is not a Howarth speciality.  The money laundered from expenses claims for Howarth's dodgy invoices was used for years to prop up Salter with publicity material he did not have to pay for - hence his "clean" expenses record.  I'm glad that Guido has picked this up.  Now Howarth should account for his actions.



Anonymous said...

But Khan, because he is 'in' is protected and will probably go to the Home Office, rather than prison.

It sucks.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Labour Party literature was printed by the co-op or by companies with "(TU)" in their title.
Public Impact is neither.