Tuesday, 12 October 2010

qui etes-vous, Tony Blair?


that is what the blurb for last night's lengthy interview with the Tonester said.  They were more interested in his relationship with the Queen and his conversion to Catholicism than in most other things, but the whole lot got a trip out - Iraq, booze, Alastair Campbell.  In France they like Cherie.  Quite a lot.  And he speaks French pretty well -he was nervous to begin with, and made mistakes, but the interviewer only had to help him out a couple of times.  Have a look - his French is easier to understand than a French person's is, because of his English accent and because he does not use that many words. The video seems reluctant to play, so you might need to click on the link above, which does work.
the other day I got a call from some consumer survey people, about my new contract with Orange for a micro-Sim for my iPad, and the questions they asked were about as interesting as you might expect.  At the end though the bloke went human on me and asked if I was English.  You could tell that from my accent, I said.  Yes, he said (little sigh) "un tres joli accent".  Humph.  I have been three years trying to lose one of the few things French people find attractive about the English.  There is a reason why Jane Birkin has never lost her English accent.  

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