Sunday, 4 July 2010

those pesky foreigners

DO take good British fish!  It's official!  The Mail says it, so it must be true! So all foreigners must be drummed out of UK pdq!  Save the British Fishery!  I loved the Environment Agency spokesman in the article who said that fish for the pot should come from the fishmonger not from a lake.  Excellent.  So where do fish, er, start their lives?  In, er, water?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that most fish in our lakes are someone's property

jane said...

I hadn't forgotten but that is aside from my point

Anonymous said...

... and I suppose if you fancy a nice steak, you bypass the butchers, wander out into someone's field and slaughter a heffer yourself then, eh Jane?

jane said...

"heffer"? there used to be a Labour MP of that name, but he is dead. "Heifer" I suppose you meant. Almost Howarthian, a spelling mistake like that.

Anonymous said...

Eric's nickname was the "Red Heffer", as in the biblical Red Heifer, or the Red Cow pub, near Howarth's office.

Anonymous said...

Carp reared for the table in this country would normllY be be farmed in stew ponds at a fish farm.

Anglers are not suggesting deportation of poachers but they are frsutrated at the lack of an approriate response to a now common place and growing problem.

If some one gets caught stealing fish form a supermarket the police. Phone thenm to report poacherts on your lake and you will be very lucky if they turn up.

What anglers would like to see happen is for the law to be explained to migrant workers and enforced when they break it.

That is not happening at the moment and as a consequence there is today a very big problem with migrant workers poaching in this country.

For those who don't care about fish the by-catch of poaching when setr lines are used has included Otters and many fish eating birds.