Saturday, 31 July 2010

here's one for the Guardianistas

it is a comment on a post on Harry's Place by Edmund Standing about white liberal idiots, and allegedly was overhead on a bus in Newcastle, England:

On a bus coming out of Newcastle, a whole bunch of high school kids got on, and two girls about 16 or so, sat in front of me. Both in uniform clothes, but one of them wearing a hijab. The conversation I overheard went something like this:
“How long are you going to have to wear that thing on yer heid Nadia?”
“Me Mam sez all the time. She sez it’ll make me more respected and that. And men won’t try to get off with me.”
“But Nadia, nobody ever tries to get off with us. We’re both mingers!”
“Aye, that’s what I told me Mam but she wouldn’t see sense. She said I’m just a late developer, like she was”
“What’s yer Mam like, is she bonny?”

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