Saturday, 31 July 2010

another one for the Guardianistas

Not In My Name.  Because what is in this picture is just fine and dandy, Guardian readers.  Hein?  Either this is right or it is wrong.  And if it is wrong it should be stopped.  Wherever it happens.  People who do this must be stopped from doing it.


Anonymous said...

The lady's name is Aisha. Name ring any bells ?

And so it continues.

jane said...

should it? not an unusual name in Afghanistan and other places. why?

Anonymous said...

Since you persist in being obtuse, she is named after the child wife of Mo' the Sky Fairy. But then you already knew that.

This kind of horror went on in Afghanistan before we went in, and sadly it'll continue after we've left.

The idea that some kind of miracle German-style post war democracy can be formed in Afghanistan is frankly delusional.

jane said...

and the idea that brown-skin Afghans don't deserve not to get their noses burned off, while white girls in Europe do, is just pernicious.

Anonymous said...

It could well be pernicious, but it's certainly something that no one (except your good self) has suggested.

And the poor lady's nose wasn't removed in that manner - did you even read the Time article?

dreamingspire said...

Read the Time article today - been busy.
Malinowski, Washington advocacy director for Human Rights Watch, about a conversation with Karzai: "He essentially asked me: What is more important, protecting the right of a girl to go to school or saving her life?"
The answer is both, equally, plus stopping them being mutilated.

Merseymike said...

As much as I would like it to happen, I just don't see Afghanistan becoming a democracy or a place where women's rights are respected. This happens under the current regime, which is largely a central 'front' with most of the localities run either by the Taliban or local warlords, with the view on women being just about the same in both cases.

If there were a democratic opposition to pass the baton to I would be more hopeful, but there isn't. The Americans won't stay in forever, and just as the Iraqi non-government treats its minorities worse than Saddam Hussein, there is no visible indigenous alternative who would prevent this mutilation