Sunday, 18 July 2010

parliamentary gossip

this little piece entertained me:

Louise Bagshawe ( Tory: Corby) has done a hog-whimperingly stupid interview with the Review section of The Times today - spending a large chunk of it berating the evil Daily Mail!!! - by name and with examples!
Stupid creature has already been singled out for vituperation by the DM and now, it seems, she has ordered and paid for, the most expensive coffin in the funeral parlour. No Co-Op discounts here!
She is a chick-lit author/divorced and to cap all, marched into the Chamber clutching the arm of Noaksey (Caroline "Shagger" Noakes, Con, Romsey, Ed.) after the latter had been caught having tape-recorded sex in a seedy hotel. Show of female solidarity.
thanks to correspondent for it - but why no tabloid interest?  they don't like female MPs and they especially don't like female MPs who hunt in pairs - as I know from experience. 

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Anonymous said...

I have always admired the ingenuity of The Daily Mail in stalking and then impaling its targets.

Louise Bagshawe has proclaimed herself Cameron Cutie bullseye. Is The Daily Mail going to allow itself to be insulted and abused in a Murdoch paper?


I think not!

And the dynamic Bagshaw/Noakes duo is one meriting the most intense investigation!

But it must have a name!

Not 'Patsy and Edina' or 'The Glimmer Twins' because they have already been bagged. Sorry Louise!