Monday, 12 July 2010

les orages

this is what the sky looks like during a summer storm in Alsace.  They happen about once a week.  We are on storm alert today, now that the "canicule" alert has been lifted.  We expect a more comfortable 34 degrees this afternoon, and 26 tomorrow, as opposed to the 38 or so we have had the last few days, not very bearable.  At 0730 today it was a very pleasant sunny 25 degrees.  And I am in the UK for a few days from Wednesday, in London with family, and have had to pack a CARDY for the evenings!  Almost couldn't remember where it was.


Anonymous said...

I should damn well hope not - and forget about it at once! Is this the primrose path to cocoa and slippers?!

Forget about Michelle Obama - most women over the age of 12 look like Ena Sharples in a cardy. And I am giving away my age by even mentioning her!

jane said...

well, I don't possess a pair of slippers and I never drink cocoa - and the cardy is cotton jersey, zipped, more of a hoody really, without the hood. so I think I'm allowed to wear it.

Anonymous said...

A sort of 'hardy' then?