Friday, 16 July 2010

everyone knows it's windy

and in London it really really is.  I am not used to it any more, the wind doesn't blow like that in Strasbourg.  And it is good to get away from the stifling heat of a summer in Alsace, and to spend time with my granddaughter and in London as a visitor.  The South Bank yesterday was a revelation - it is not bleak any more, but lively and friendly, many many cafes and restaurants and entertainment going on.  Tomorrow we are going to a children's festival called Lollibop where there are DJ workshops (you will not get me off those wheels, eat your heart out David Guetta), today I am having drinks and dinner with my son, what could be nicer really.  And while there is no possibility of my forgetting how to speak English, one does get a tad out of touch with the language as people actually speak it.  I am staying in Sydenham, so an overground train is required to get into the centre, and I don't put my headphones on, I just listen to people talking, which outside the rush hour they do. London, city of my birth, my early years, a bit of time in my 20s and eight years' part-time residence followed by two years' full-time later on, is one of the world's great cities.  Only Tokyo comes close in my view.  Though I have never been to New York.  Or Rio de Janeiro.  Saving the latter for my gap year.


Anonymous said...

That cardy will come in handy then.

Incidentally, looks like Boris should have worn a trouser cardy.

See today's Daily Mail

Jonny said...

I am not a city boy at all, but the mad, swirly, optimistic (in spite of history) chaos of Istanbul is my favourite. Metro Geliyor!

jane said...

yes the DM story hilarious