Saturday, 31 July 2010

here they are again!

this is a comment posted last night on a post which is so elderly I had to search quite hard to find it, but I have let it through and thought I would reproduce it here as it is just about fit to be seen on a family blog and is well representative of the Reading boys.  I have no idea who wrote it though, possibly not a Reading boy at all.  Doesn't matter really, shows you what is out there.  Would be nice if people who want to express their views on this blog identified themselves though.  Surely the views expressed below are nothing to be ashamed of?  Hein?

Jane, your reply above just about sums you up ("where did Labour Friends of Israel come from? I was a member of that for many years - so what?")

It's a bit like saying "I was a member of the Nazi party for many years, so what?"

It matters because it shows that you have no principles of scruples of any kind, in that you think that being a stooge for a racist apartheid state doesn't really matter. You were supposed to represent your Reading constituents, not lobby for a foreign state. It used to be called treason, and the penalty used to be the gallows.

And you haven 't answered my question: How much did did the Israeli government (aka Labour Friends of Israel pay for you?

I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies: you're so inept and incompetent that you couldn't have done the apartheid state of Israel much good.

30 July 2010 21:49

I note on re-reading that there is a question in it "how much did the Israeli government... pay for you".  Of course, nothing.  If I had ever received any financial or other benefits from that or any organisation I would have had to declare them, and would have done so.  I further note on re-reading that the comment contains what can be construed as a death threat.  I cannot usually be bothered to investigate the identities of those who post on my blog, taking the view that if they choose to conceal their identity that is their affair.  However a little investigation may be merited in this case.  The threat does not frighten me - I live in Strasbourg, France, and am in the phone book and my name is on the door plate of the building I live in, so if this person wants to find me he can do so -  but this individual clearly has some issues to resolve, and I am not in a position to know whether he would be minded actually to put such a threat into effect, and thus whether he is a danger to the public.  But it would be worth knowing, hein?


Sauti Ndogo said...

Jane, I understand how distressing such idiotic comments can be. Nevertheless, surely it's best to resist the temptation to answer them? Their authors are clearly beyond any chance of rational engagement. Ignoring them is the best policy.

Jonny said...

I've never understood why people get personally vituperative about differences of political opinion when it comes to geopolitics. I was a member of the Labour Movement Campaign for Palestine (it was a Trotskyist front in Oxford, and I don't know if it still exists), I was never a Blairite, but I have always thought of you as a friend and ally. The only thing I find annoying is that you know more about foreign policy than I do, so it's hard to win an argument. This galls me.

Andrea said...

It's impossible to have a sensible discussion about Palestine - people just start froth8ing at the mouth and going on about genocide and prison camps. Classic example : ME "If the Israelis wanted to wipe out the Palestinians they's have done it by now" Him :"Well, they're doing it slowly" Me "?????????"
I expect you've seen this, btw :

Anonymous said...

The deranged person making those comments may not be a threat, but such comments have filtered down to educated, middle class Britons form South Asian backgrounds, who have blown themselves up at, or otherwise attacked, targets in Britain and Israel.

The BBC loves debating Israel on its "religious" discussion programmes, and broadcasting nonsense from panellists and the public. They especially like comments from Jews who have rejected Judaism and their community.

Andrea said...

Indeed, Anonymous4, I'm seriously concerned by the levels of casual anti-semitism that I hear and read.

Anonymous said...

No - ignoring this type of filth is not the 'best policy'. Dirt tends to stick.

Some years ago, the New Statesamn published a piece suggesting that Jane was a racist.

She quite rightly went straight to Carter Ruck and the paper was forced to apologise and pay costs.
If you don't nail this type of thing it is dredged up and quoted against you many months/years down the line as 'fact' in totally different contexts.

Anyone making comments like this knows that if they put their name to them, Jane could sue and win - hands down. A shame they didn't! Jane could then have had a nice and thoroughly deserved pay-out and could have had several shopping trips to Max Mara etc.