Tuesday, 23 February 2010

woman on top?

here is what Iain Dale has to say about Claire Ward, the Labour MP for Watford who featured in a steamy News of the World story a few years ago which related to some incidents which took place during a visit by members of the Parliamentary Armed Forces Scheme, including myself, to Kosovo. On that occasion she behaved like a slapper and lied about it afterwards. After the story appeared a Labour Party press officer rang me to say that she was suing the paper and could I confirm that it was all rubbish. No I could not, I said, and what was more if it came to court they had better not call me as a witness (which I was) because I wasn't going to lie under oath. Long silence on the other end of the phone. No libel action against the Screws. Anyway, here is Dale on Ward:

I do not think it is over the top to call Claire Ward a liar. Hopefully she will get her comeuppance in a few weeks and will lose her seat.

For him rather strong language.


Anonymous said...

Well, well - the penny has dropped at last, has it? What has the fair Justice Minister done to offend the Dalesman?
She who bears the name of the Gilbert O'Sullivan song was quite the lust-object of the less successful lobby journalists. One, in particular was always bribing other Blair Babes with promises of dubbing them 'Rising Stars' in his tabloid, in return for the lady's telephone number.
If she does lose her seat, she can rest content in the knowledge that 'a rolling stone gathers no MOSS'.

Anonymous said...

Iain Dale has referred to your post in an update.


JIMJAM said...

How did she beahve like a slapper?

St Martin S, Reading said...

Well, old Claire is entitled her fun. However, she really shouldn't interrupted your sleep. Most inconsiderate.

Is she a screamer or a grunter?

Anonymous said...

Who was she screaming and grunting on top of?

Anonymous said...

Well, if the rumours and the News of the World are to be believed, it was a brave young officer in Her Majesty's forces.

Anonymous said...

But how is Jane involved in this?
Presumably this was before Claire got married and how could it have been Jane's business?

St Martin S, Reading said...

Jane was there, Anonymous 11:31, as a rather unwilling witness.

She was trying to catch up on some sleep in the bottom bunk while Claire entertained Captain Andy in the top.

That's why I said it was highly inconsiderate of Claire. Would you be able to sleep with grunting and screaming pervading your immediate vicinity>

Anonymous said...

Hang on, St Martin S. Have I got this right?
You are telling us that Claire bonked Andy in front of Jane - or on top of Jane, to be precise?

Does Claire normally bonk in front of others?
I thought that was called dogging.

Is the Justice Minister a dogger, or a doggist and does Gordon know? And is it legal?

jane said...

it probably isn't legal. they thought I was asleep, which I was, to begin with. could not resist sharing that story on my return, hence it finding its way into the Screws.

St Martin S, Reading said...

One might suspect old Claire of having some exhibitionist tendencies.

Did she ever apologise for disturbing your beauty sleep?

jane said...

never. rather bad manners, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Oh I say - this dogging is a new twist to the tale.
I thought that she had danced the dance of the seven towels in the shower with the Captain and that another MP's wife complained.

I also heard that she got a roasting from the Defence Secretary.

St Martin S, Reading said...

For some reason, I am reminded of a rather squalid, sordid little anecdote about Ashley Cole (estranged husband of Cheryl).

Apparently, he vomited over one of his conquests during their congress. Not only did he fail to apologise, but he told the poor girl that she should feel 'privileged'.

Anonymous said...


Well if we are on the topic of footballers, then 'roasting' takes on a very specific meaning.

Was Claire roasted in the biblical sense of the word by the Defence Secretary and who was the said Secretary at the time?

And if vomit is involved, then was Teresa Pearce of the party?