Saturday, 6 February 2010

spectacular own goal? I think not

Cllr Richard Willis and others are describing Mr Salter's juvenile remarks about the Pope, calling him a "bloke in a dress", as a "spectacular own goal" and other less polite epithets. Not so, I fancy. They cannot or will not see that Salter regretted his decision to stand down almost as soon as he had made it. He decided to do it because he thought the seat would be lost, then realised it might not be with the right kind of work, tried to have the decision reversed and had no success, so now is determined to see that the seat is so comprehensively lost that his tenure of it will be looked back upon as some kind of golden age. This is why he and Cllr Page supported the embarrassing Nasty Naz, having failed to get any support for the dead-head from Southampton Salter thought would be compliant and too dull to get any interest from the constituents. Now Salter is doing his best to embarrass the party in any way he can. Hence the "bloke in a dress" remark. Remember after all that Salter is also a vice-chair of the national Labour Party, he tells us.

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