Tuesday, 16 February 2010

how very dare she?

this received today by email from a person purporting to be T. Pearce. I do of course apologise to T. Pearce unreservedly. Spelling her name with a superfluous h as I did in my previous post is unforgivable. I see that the author of this piece says that the gossip sent to me is untrue, and anyway it didn't happen when my correspondent said it did. Hmmm. Pity one K.. Maguire is not subject to the same discipline when he publishes lies about various people and gets away with it. Anyway, T. Pearce, or whoever you are, if you really are standing for Parliament you had better get used to people saying horrid things about you. I promise you they will do it. And even being looked after by the great and the good in the Labour Party did not stop Little Miss Justice Minister (as she is now) Claire Ward, Labour MP for Watford, seeing herself all over the News of the World with headlines like "Woman on Top". So be warned, Ms Pearce. If there is a Cap'n Andy in your past he will find you. Baby baby it's a wild world.

Anyway, Ms Pearce, or whoever this is, wanted to have her say, so here she is having it. Can't say fairer than that eh Tessie?

Dear Ms Griffiths

I am writing to you as the author of the “Jane Is The One” blog, hosted by Blogspot.com.

It has been brought to my attention that a blog entry posted by “Jane” at 09.03 on Thursday 11 February 2010 entitled “Labour candidate for Erith and Thamesmead” contains a report from “a correspondent” which includes inaccurate and defamatory comments about me. Please can you confirm that you are the “Jane” who has posted this blog?

None of the appalling allegations made in the paragraph beginning “Pearce shared…”, are true, save the fact that my husband and I are divorced. I should point out however, that this occurred in 1990 and not in the period 1992-97 as implied.

On the basis that you are the author of this blog entry, and in any event are in overall control of the “Jane Is The One” blog, I ask that you remove this entry from your blog in its entirety immediately. It follows that the five comments about the blog entry should also be removed. If the entry and comments are not removed by 10am tomorrow morning (Wednesday 17 February) I will, regrettably, have to take further steps as soon as possible. I hope that will not be necessary.

If you are unwilling to remove this blog entry please confirm this by return together with your reasons for not doing so.

Yours sincerely

Teresa Pearce


Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear.
This Pearce is a very frightening person.
Do you think that if she gets to be an MP she will have everyone locked up who says anything nasty about her?
WHat will happen to people like Mr Letts of The Daily Mail?

He once called Liberal Democrat Mrs Doughty Uncle Bulgaria.
Mrs Doughty did not have him locked up but perhpas she is not so powerful as Mrs Pearce.
Perhaps Mrs Pearce will have Mr Thurlbeck locked up and Messrs Walter and Oliver. And what of poor Mr Panther?

Thatcher is dead - long live the good ship Pearce ansd all who sail in her. Etc.

jane said...

poor Mr Panther indeed - Mr Thurlbeck I fancy is made of sterner stuff, as are Messrs Walter and Oliver

Anonymous said...

Messrs Letts, Thurlbeck, Walters and Oliver will brandish the trusty sword of free speech against the Boadecia Pearce - (or is it Boodikka?).
They will recall that trusty old maxim :I might not like what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Now a variant has entered the Labour lexicon:
I might not like what you say and I will have you locked up for saying it.

Free the Strasbourg One!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for her. If she sets up a fighting fund I will definitely be a contributor.

jane said...


Anonymous said...

Certainly not a fighting fund for T Pearce I assume?
She is the person purportedly attempting to stiffle freedom of speech - (whilst encouraging it in the likes of McGuire ).

WOW - at this rate Guido Fawkes et al had better run for cover.
Ruth Kelly, Rosie WInterton and others about whom they have allowed the inclusion of 'interesting' comments have not threatened M'lud and PCPlod.
T Pearce must be on a promise from someone......

Anonymous said...

you silly.

Anonymous said...

You of course - how much would you like?

jane said...

oh go on with you

St Martin S, Reading said...

I think that Jane and Teresa should settle this in a mud-wrestling match...in bikinis.

Must do some work now.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Pearce, I thought we lived in a supposedly free society, with a right of free expression.

Is this what we have to loo forward to, if you get elected, a police and nanny state.

A big no thank you, it'd be a real shame if people like you got into parliament proporting to uphold our rights of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, even those of us who venture into public life have to learn the lesson that not everybody will like you and not everybody will be your friend.
Unless we have lived in a hermetically sealed capsule, most of us will have done things at some time or another in our lives that we may not be proud of at a later date.
It is called being human.
Teresa Pearce would be worth much more respect if she merely read unflattering posts like this, put it down to experience and did nothing about it. At the very least, it would be the blogosphere version of fish and chip paper - here today, gone tomorrow.
By throwing a hissy fit and implying that she will serve a writ upon the blog owner, she is showing that she is incapable of taking the rough and tumble of public life - posing as a cheap-shot bully and making a laughing stock of herself.

Was it worth it Teresa?