Thursday, 11 February 2010

Labour candidate for Erith and Thamesmead

What is below is gossip. Tittle-tattle. Scuttlebutt. What you will. If a newspaper diary column or similar publishes vile lies about you there is no avenue of protest or retribution, because such columns are light-hearted, not presented as factual, and not meant to be taken seriously. That is what you will be told if you try to protest about the content of such a column. The law, and the rules, are just the same for bloggers. The difference is that bloggers do it for free speech and do not get paid to do it. So if you don't like what is published about you get over yourself, and get out of politics, because if you can't stand unhealthy episodes from your past being relayed in the present media then you are in the wrong career. I hope this is helpful.

one Theresa Pearce, whom I have never met, and who is glowingly described by the vile Kevin Maguire thus

and whose doings are reported by a correspondent thus:

Vomit-inducing puff in the vile Kevin McGuire's column in today's Mirror for one Theresa Pearce, Labour candidate for Erith and Thamesmead.
McGuire says how wonderfully 'real' she is - in her fifties, a tax inspector - somebody who knows all about looking after kids, studied at The Universioty of Life rather than Oxbridge and is an absolute cert to win - also will be a divine asset in the new House of Commons.

Pearce shared xxxxxx house with me, xxxx and xxxxxxx at a Party Conference in Brighton prior to 97 and after 92.
She proceeded to get steamingly pissed every night - and on the last night spewed up literally all over the house so we had to pay to get it specially cleaned.
Also, she began a shagging feste with a journalist on the Daily Express at same conference.
Police arrived at conference, sent by her husband who accused her of abandoning her children. She was supposed to pick up her kids from school but left them in the lurch while she pursued shag feste with Express journalist.
Police drove her to a special meeting at the school with the headteacher and her husband. So she had to abandon the conference.
Husband divorced her.

So, this is the example of sublime womanhood promoted by McGuire.
I think that we should be told .........


Anonymous said...

I logged into Facebook and put her name into 'search'.
7th one down is a rather large girl to say the least, and the next one looks remarkably like you Jane!

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!
Tessy Pissed!! - her nickname in the political trade!

Far from being a breath of new, unsnobby fresh air about to wow Westminster with her honest unspun credo, this is a regular old (not Old) Labour boiler!!

She is an original 'Emily's Lister' from 1993.
The woman has been touting her selection wares at constituencies for over seventeen years.

Perhaps McGuire should speak to some of the many comrades who turned her down to ask why.

Eventually, she limped in to Erith and Thamesmead - her 'home' seat because of the furore over the candidacy of Georgia Gould.
She also plays the Left game - and will have cosied up to them.

The way the polls are going, Westminster will be spared Tessy Pissed.

But wonder why McGuire is such a besotted calf?
Did he ever work for The Express?

Was he the shag feste?

Answers please!!

dreamingspire said...

Anon 1928: did you mean 'Labour broiler'?

Anonymous said...

Broiler, Spire.

But did she shag McGuire?

Anonymous said...

If she didn't she'll be in a class of one. Its an essential requirement for a) getting a decent seat and b) not being de-selcted one you've got one.

Or so my spies tell me.

Anonymous said...

It absolutley is helpful.

If nothing else, it lets us know that the people who are being selected by Labour in safe seats - and supposedly our MPs post May/June 2010, are delicate flowers who will wither in an instant when they receive the first fishing phone call from our friends in the Fourth Estate such as The News of the WOrld and The Daily Mail. Not to mention The Sun. If any prospective MP thinks that they will be the one in four centuries to escape the published word then think again.
If any prospective MP thinks that they will be able to use the arm of the state to stifle comments other than 'MPx looked smashing today as s/he tore into the opposition, proving that s/he has been destined to be our next Prime Minister since birth' then they need to get over themselves.

At the very least, voters should take heed. MPs with hides of spun silk will not put up a fight for your interests if the Whips so much as sniff in their direction.
Do you want an MP or a mouse?
Answers on a ballot slip please.